Tools, Equipments and Materials

Easal -10Working Tables -2Drawing Board -100
Canvas & Drawing SheetBrushes of Different SizeColors
Oil ( Pastel, Acrylic, Dry Pastel, Charcoil-Natural/Pencil/Soft Stick)Tools & Accessories (Knifes, Mixing Plate, Rubber Squishy)Wooden Frame
BambooSoft WoodOld Magazines (for Collage)
Medium for Oil (Linseed Oil, Turpentine, Thinner/Kerosene)Adhesive ( Fevicol, Dendrite, Super Glue, Melamine)
SlResources for Art and Craft Resource CentreWrite β€œA” for Available and β€œNA” for not Available
1A Set of wood working ToolsA
2Raw material and Equipment for Toy MakingA
3Raw material and Equipment for Doll MakingA
4Raw material and Equipment for Dress DesigningA
5Raw material and Equipment for PuppetryA
6Material for Preparation of ChartsA
7Material for Preparation of Models and other Practical ActivitiesA
8Stationery (Chart Paper, Mount Board, etc.)A
9Tools like Scissors, Scales etc.A
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